Meet the team

Our team motto

‘The most important thing of all, is the people who work here and the people who come here, and we must remember that at all costs.’

Jorge De Jesus
General Manager Caco&Co Restaurants
Charlene is a fashionista at heart and as a hobby loves organising parties, hence why we call her the Party Girl. Charlene organised her first party when she was 5 and was given a £5 budget! She had sweets, fresh water, good music and flowers everywhere, the people did the rest.
Charlene de Jesus
Events & Marketing
Whilst most Chefs spend their apprenticeships in fancy kitchens, Marcos decided to spend his with old grannies learning traditional recipes and simple cooking techniques. For Marcos, cooking is all about the natural flavours of great ingredient! He dresses quite cool and likes unusual cars.
Marcos Silveira
Head Chef Caco&Co Restaurants
Bruno’s passion is theatre and at Caco he has some of his best and most genuine performances every day.
Bruno Correia
Restaurant Manager Caco&Co Blackfriars
An art, music and animal lover like no other. Nuno dedicates his free time to art, music and taking care of his pets.
Nuno Silveira
Team Leader Caco&Co Shepherds Bush
Elvio is a young aspiring chef with a passion for food and hospitality. He is our Bolo do Caco 'gatekeeper' and the mastermind behind it's perfection. He is funny, young spirited and a food lover!
Elvio Correia
Chef Caco&Co Shepherds Bush